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26 August 2009 @ 07:03 pm
☆ graphics set # one  

→ r u l e s :
» Credit is optional.
» Comments are greatly appreciated.
» Please don't hotlink.
easy way no to: take the direct URL (the first step of hotlinkers .__.) and paste it over at TinyPic (any other server that accepts a URL upload), just remember to click on the "URL", upload it and you have your own image url! :D

→ c o n t e n t : ___SHINee
» 7 Headers {650x300}
» 1 Wallpaper {1280x1024}

Please click for full size (:

{with text}

{w/o text}

feel free to ask for a diff resolution if yours is not 1280x1024 ^___^

comment topics: (if you feel like you don't have anything to say!) :P go and answer these~ (you don't have to answer all of them)
1) Preferable header sizes?
2) What's your desktop resolution?
3) Favorite SHINee member?
4) Favorite OTP?
5) Favorite SHINee song?

I do read every comment, and I'm starting to reply to all of them (:
nyssakinyssaki on January 22nd, 2010 12:31 am (UTC)
Annyeong! I'm Jennifer *waves*

I didn't snatch any, but I just thought I'd drop you a comment. I'm a new SHINee fan, so still getting to know them and their fans ^^

I'm totally Minho biased (like REALLY possessive. My online bff find me so fun cause they never saw me like that before~~). I find him totally irresistible, even though he's always so shy and feel embarrassed, poor thing~~ I don't blame him though, some of the stuff they make them do are really.... ._.

I think Jjong and Onew (Onew!Sangtae <3) are no doubt the strongest vocals in SHINee, but they kinda have different 'sounds' so I can't decide which of them is the best xD Taemin is a bit cuteness overload, but I think he and Key are the top dancers in SHINee.

I'm too new (like, only been a fan for not even a month!) to have a favorite OTP, I think. And also, I fail to see any clear pairings, except for JongKey. They still appear a bit messy for me ^^;; But I think I'm falling in love with OnHo/tofuHo though. And I absolutely ADORE KhunMin! I love to see how Minho appears to be the man in OnHo, while he becomes the girl in KhunMin.

Favorite song? I usually have like one or more from EVERY album ^^;; Unlike many of the others, I never really liked Replay (I didn't even like them that much to begin with~~) *bricked*, but SHINee World album was a really pleasant surprise! Some of my favorites:

♥In my Room
♥One for Me
♥Best Place
♥Y Si Fuera Ella (totally shows off Bling Bling's vocal!)
♥Please Don't Go
♥Forever or Never

I just noticed that the only one song from my favorite list was/is promoted: Amigo.

Lol, sorry for my rambling! Just holla if you want to talk ^^