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13 September 2009 @ 07:34 pm
set#4 → ( 8 ) F(X) WALLS.  

- please do not alter / crop,
- redistribute,
- claiming them as your own, &
- taking out the credit.
↔resources: click

click for full size.
if it isn't your resolution;
please comment with:
- link to the wallpaper.
- your desktop size
in bold.
[it will not get to you as fast,
so if you're not patient, you can resize them on your own ^^]



{deal with this. [x more couples soon~

sorry for the resizing inconvenience,
I'm trying to fix that problem. =^^=


now's the time, kidddsss. ;3
this is just a test, so it's not going to be as detailed.
comment in bold:
a WALLPAPER WORTHY PICTURE & your desktop size.
it's not a personal request~
you can give me as many links as you want.
it's all snaggable.

this is just for my next batch^^;
keep it in the k-fandom, plz(:
*i'll go through all of them, but not all will be picked.
deadline: SEP 18.
♪♫: f(x) - Mr. Boogie
Danielle: yoon eunhye ❝ to the left ❞omonaki on September 14th, 2009 04:01 am (UTC)
These are pretty! It's not in my resolution, but the Sulli + Amber one fits perfectly. ;3

I'll be back with some pictures? :D