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13 September 2009 @ 07:34 pm
set#4 → ( 8 ) F(X) WALLS.  

- please do not alter / crop,
- redistribute,
- claiming them as your own, &
- taking out the credit.
↔resources: click

click for full size.
if it isn't your resolution;
please comment with:
- link to the wallpaper.
- your desktop size
in bold.
[it will not get to you as fast,
so if you're not patient, you can resize them on your own ^^]



{deal with this. [x more couples soon~

sorry for the resizing inconvenience,
I'm trying to fix that problem. =^^=


now's the time, kidddsss. ;3
this is just a test, so it's not going to be as detailed.
comment in bold:
a WALLPAPER WORTHY PICTURE & your desktop size.
it's not a personal request~
you can give me as many links as you want.
it's all snaggable.

this is just for my next batch^^;
keep it in the k-fandom, plz(:
*i'll go through all of them, but not all will be picked.
deadline: SEP 18.
♪♫: f(x) - Mr. Boogie
yukizdarkangel on September 14th, 2009 09:44 am (UTC)
thanks for making these! except my laptop wont let me use png pics as backgrounds....
but could you make one of these?
doesn't have to be all of them, obviously. just whatever you think looks good :)
i love the contrast between the feminine and masculine looks.
thank you~