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graphics & etc.

♪ It's time to fly
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a communtiy of KPOP icons and graphics and the liking.

First off: we are not a jay-biased community.
I made this community to separate my graphics away from my personal journal;
and while thinking of a name I though about jycyb's works, and I thought we both should manage a community. She does a pretty good job with fanfictions.

* There are different rules for each entry please follow.
* When an entry says credit is optional we mean you don't have to credit, but you are not allowed to claim it as your own.
-- crediting is easy, just put in:

in the COMMENT section, when you UPLOAD your icon.
* Please try your best not to hotlink. Saving is easy. Get Firefox if you don't want to right clik and save as.

About Joining:
We are not asking for any members because it seems pointless.
Just go and join the community we post our graphics&fanfic to.
All posts will remain to the public and will never be member-locked.


You do not have to join.
-- Everything is for the public.